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NARPM ~ National Association of Residential Property Managers is the professional, educational and ethical leader for the residential property management industry.

IREM ~ Institute of Real Estate Management has been the source for real estate management professionals for over 75 years with local chapters in every state.

CAR ~ Connecticut Association of Realtors represents over 14,000 real estate professionals and provides valuable consumer information.

NAIL ~ National Association of Independent Landlords helps in finding good tenants. FREE Rental Application Form.

DMK ~ DMK Realty is a great resource for town information, housing statistics, real estate for sale and rent.


~ Protect your family from Lead Based Paints ~ PDF 


~ Fire Safety Fact Sheets by NFPA 


~ Sample Lease Form courtesy of Greenwich MLS.

~ Sample Rental Application form from National Association of Indepentent Landlords 


~ Facts concerning Connecticut Security Deposits from the Greenwich MLS. 


~ U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Developement,                               Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity.


~ National Association of Realtor's Code of Ethic's Poster.

~ Tips On Finding Property Managers.


Green Links at these websites below:

Links for Green Sustainable Building, Rebates and Information.

Green Building & Sustainable Lifestyle Tips, Articles and Links.


Greening your property checklist.



Helpful Articles for Homeowner's & Tenants.


Mold Guidance for Homeowners by Ct. Dept. of Health.

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September 29th, 2012

Connecticut Department of Public Health, CT DPH, has put out a four page booklet for“Mold Guidance for Real Estate, Banking, And Insurance Communities”. This guide provides useful information on what to do if you suspect mold in your home. It covers four general scenarios:

  • Houses with no known problems
  • Houses with suspected problems
  • Houses with known problems
  • Houses that have had mold abatement performed

Mold needs water and food to grow, so the first thing to do is to stop the source of water, the second is to remove damaged organic material such as wet sheetrock and other porous wet materials. Third is to clean up the clutter and non moldy items and finally air out and dry out the space.

The CT DPH recommends that you hire a third party post abatement party to verify that the contractor has performed the abatement job correctly. To find more information and links go to CT DPH website

  • Get the Mold Out: Mold Clean Up Guidance for Residences.
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing Should Not Be The First Move.
  • Connecticut Guidelines For Mold Abatement Contractors. 


FREE Handbook all about Darien, Ct.

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September 28th, 2012


The FREE on line guide to Darien, Connecticut by the Darien Board of Realtors, Inc includes pictures, information and links about Darien, Ct. The online presentation includes:-

  • DARIEN AT A GLANCE ~ providing a brief history, demographics and description of Darien, Ct.
  • EDUCATION ~ Description of local public schools, nursery schools and after school playrooms.
  • BEACHES & PARKS ~ 205 acres within Darien make up the 12 park facilities that include woodlands, playing fields, playgrounds, ponds and beaches.
  • LEISURE ~ A guide to club organizations, restaurants, shops, arts and entertainment.
  • TOWN SERVICES ~ Town services and the Darien Library.
  • PLACES OF WORSHIP ~ The town’s 12 churches and their community wide services and resources.
  • TRANSPORTATION ~ Just 55 minutes from Grand Central Station Manhattan with two stations serving Darien.

Click on link below to view Free Guide to Darien, Ct.



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