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Rental Safety Tips for Landlords & Tenants.

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November 13th, 2012

By DMK Property Management llc, Darien, Connecticut.DMK_logo.png

Landlord and Tenant & Landlord relationship is a two way street where it is important to keep communication open. A good tenant will keep the space cleaned, safe and organized and will keep a watchful eye on any repair work needed to be done and promptly inform the landlord. In return the landlord will provide a well maintained, safe living space and will act on maintenance issues in a timely manner.

Here are 12 important safety tips that all landlords and tenants should be aware of and verify continual maintenance.

  1. Smoke Detectors. ~ Hard wired back up smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors are a huge safety consideration. Remember to change those back up batteries every 6 months, it’s recommended to do that when you are changing the clocks for day light savings.
  2. Exits ~ Every bedroom must have two ways of egress either by door or window. Check basements and floor levels to make sure there are two exits.
  3. Electrical Wiring ~
    1. Are there enough outlets? You do not want to use extension cords or multi-plug expanders; these can overburden the wiring that can turn into excess heating of the wires and potentially fire.
    2. Outlets in bathroom, kitchens and any other wet area  should be ground fault interrupter protected circuits, GFCI’s
  4. Windows ~ Are the windows egress size with breakaway latches? Do they have solid locks? If you have children do they have child proof locks?
  5. Doors and Gates ~ Common entries are locked to the public? Swimming pool must have childproof locks and recommended alarms. Entry doors dead bolts inside must be key lease in case of fire.
  6. Lead & Mold ~ is the paint in good shape, no peeling or flaking. Homes built before 1978 could have lead base paint. Mold, do you see any discoloration, smell, stains such as in the basement, ceilings, cupboards or any other place where moisture can occur.
  7. Lighting ~ Are the parking and pathways well lit, motion detectors work the best and save energy as well.
  8. Plumbing & Water ~ Check water pressure and flow, is it consistent? Is the hot water the correct temperature, check water tank for proper temperature settings? Are the drains working properly? Test toilet flush and make sure it stops running.
  9. Bugs & Animals ~ Check floors, cabinets, closets for rodent or bug evidence that can cause damage to your belongings and could pose health risks.
  10. Garage doors ~ Garage doors should have proper size springs so not to come crashing down on children. Garage door openers should have safety sensors to protect children and pets. Emergency release bar should be on door closers as well.
  11. Stairs ~ All stairs interior and exterior should have handrails at proper heights.
  12. Annual Maintenance ~ HVAC systems, Boilers/Furnaces, Septic should have annual maintenance inspections and necessary tune-ups/cleaning.


For all of your property management needs from a weekly rental to full estate management in lower Fairfield County, Connecticut contact DMK Property Management llc in Darien, Ct.




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