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When Selling Your Home Should You Improve or Not?

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June 12th, 2015


Landlords and home owners need to consider if it is in their best interest to do house and property improvements or not when it comes to selling their property. This is a huge point of consideration for sellers and should be discuss this with their local experience Realtor® with estimated costs involved and potential return of investment.

Buyers will come in two groups:-

  • The group who wants a bargain and are willing to trade hard work for sweat equity.
  • The group who wants move-in ready.

If the seller would prefer not to spend any money then this is will equate to a tradeoff in list price. But sometimes the tradeoff is uneven and a few hundred dollars spent on improvements and maintenance might improve the sales price by thousands.

The other point is the sellers time frame, in general move in ready homes tend to sell more quickly. With a little research and some quotes the seller might find out that some home improvement upfront will allow substantial returns in both money and selling time.

Here is a list of quick fixes that frequently help to increase a property’s value:

  • Curb appeal of the home, update and new landscape along with painting.
  • Interior painting and de-cluttering.
  • Refurbish, upgrade or remodel of kitchen and/or bathroom.
  • Addition of crown molding, built-in cabinets.
  • Refinished wood floors.
  • Cleaning of windows, inside of house and yard to allow buyers to focus on property.


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