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Connecticut Adopts New National Energy Code.

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October 3rd, 2012

In Connecticut as well as in other states the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (2009 IECC) has been adopted. Adoption of this code will save approximately 12 to 15% energy consumption for new homes.

Energy codes are the easiest and most cost effective way for improving the building sector’s energy efficiency.

New changes in the Residential 2009 IECC code are:

  • 50% or more of lighting needs to be high efficacy
  • Mandatory duct system pressure tests unless the duct system is located entirely inside the thermal envelope.
  • Improved air tightness of the new home by either following a checklist of measures or have a blower door test.
  • HVAC equipment sizing mandatory along with minimum one programmable thermostat where primary heating system is forced air.
  • Certificate posted on electrical distribution panel and will list:
    • R-values of insulation.
    • U-factors of fenestration and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC).
    • Types and efficiencies of heating, cooling and water heating equipment.

Connecticut is committed to a better energy future and is planning to adopt the 2012 IECC code by July 1st, 2013. According to the DOE the 2012 IECC code will create a 30% improvement in energy efficiency compared to the 2006 IECC.

New changes in the Residential 2012 IECC codes are:

  • Mandatory whole house pressure test (blower door)
  • Duct leakage rates lowered
  • Domestic hot water piping be insulated or short and skinny runs
  • 75% of lighting fixtures will be high efficacy fixtures.
  • Wall insulation requirements have become more stringent.
  • Better windows depending on which climate zone you are in.


To read more on building energy codes click here.


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